This page describes the vision for accounts on Synesthesia.

Two-Layer Control and Recovery

Accounts will be split into a two-layer control system. The first layer will be a hot account that is used everyday by the end user and the second layer will be a cold account that holds all state information about a user. Synesthesia will automatically forward calls from the hot account to the cold account.

Cold accounts will not have any known private key to access the account.

If a hot account is lost, reverification of the registration process can recover access to the cold account.

Users can optionally allow a feature to freeze a hot account in the case it is compromised. Economic games can be used to ensure this is not abused.

Account Creation

New Synesthesia accounts can only be created through referral links from existing accounts.

Users provide their own hot account, and the Synesthesia creation process will automatically create and attach a cold account to that.

Account creation will be gated by a trusted registrar, which allows accounts to be tested for "sybil resistance" on sign up.

Networks of Trust

Accounts will natively form networks of trust.

  • Each user will be loosely tracked to the user they signed up with.
  • These loose connections can be used offline to track behaviors of networks.
  • Proofs can be reported to the chain when bad actors are isolated to propagate reputation changes.

Learn more about our vision for a reputation system.

Account Hierarchies

Accounts will natively be placed into hierarchies based on various criteria.

  • Users with more tokens can attest to that and lock their tokens to gain status. As long as they keep their tokens, they will remain in that role.
  • Users can be nominated into privileged roles which automatically elevate their status.

Learn more about our vision for user hierarchies