This page describes the vision for authorities and block producers on Synesthesia.

Block Producers

Synesthesia will start as a Proof of Authority network with a fixed set of trusted block producers.

New blocks will produce a reward that will be given to the block producers


Synesthesia plans to make account registration a relatively permissioned process.

See Chat Integration.

To support this, there will be at least one high permission registrar who can onboard new users.


At least during the development and maturation of Synesthesia, a Sudo account will exist to facilitate quick iteration. During this time period, it should be expected that the network is not value bearing and that the network could be reset at any time.


Synesthesia's will not primarily focus on iterating over governance systems, however control of the network by token holders is fundamental. To support this, Synesthesia will have a simple democracy system using quadratic voting of locked tokens.